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    FAQs for Customers:

      1) I've never had a tutor before, what should I do?

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      Be sure that a tutor is best for you; determine your goals; decide upon your budget; shop around to get a feel of your options and the average price for tutoring services; then select your best option. Hopefully you will respect us for this advice, and you will find us to be the right choice.

      2) What are the benefits of using a tutoring company like this one?

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      We provide the convenience of in-home tutoring at a time most convenient for you. We can also arrange to have a tutor meet you in a library, coffee shop or other public location if that best suits your needs. Unlike most companies, you can choose your own local tutor matching your criteria by browsing through our tutorlist of qualified tutors so you know you will get what you want.

      3) Do you only tutor at the home?

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      Home tutoring is usually the best place for results, but we often meet students at a public library, college, coffee shop, or anywhere else convenient. We also have tutors who offer online tutoring via webcam, email, whiteboard, video chat, skype, etc. For online tutoring visit

      4) How long are the tutoring sessions?

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      You decide how long is best for your situation. Most customers request our services at least twice per week for about an hour and a half each session. The minimum session length is one hour.

      5) Is it free?

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      Since we are not part of the public school system, sponsored, or funded by any outside agency, unfortunately our tutoring is not free to the students. On the bright side, we are likely the least expensive option for home tutoring in your area, our tutors specify how much they want so a few are usually relatively inexpensive, and our markup is only about 15%

      6) How much does this cost? How much will it cost me per month?

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      Since the tutor determines how much they charge, and the customer determines how much tutoring they want, it is impossible to predict how much it will cost in any given time. We suggest between 2 to 6 hours per week, depending on how far behind the student is. To get an idea how much to budget, Find a Good Tutor to see their rate, then check our Tutoring Packages to see our discounts.

      7) Can you invoice me after we've had a few tutoring sessions? Am I required to pay in advance?

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      No. You can either Enroll in Auto-Pay with your credit card to Pay-As-U-Go, or you can Purchase a Tutoring Package in advance to earn additional free tutoring. By eliminating the possibility of delinquent accounts, we are able to keep our prices low while still paying our tutors the rates needed to attract the best candidates.

      8) Who do I pay?

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      Please register a valid credit/debit card through the website prior to the first tutoring session. Tutors are NOT authorized to accept payment directly from the customer.

      9) How do I pay online?

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      Paying through the website is very secure and easy. Online payments can be initiated from our Tutoring Packages Page or utilize our Auto-Pay Options. You can register a card to utilize our payment gateway (, owned by Visa) or choose to pay through Paypal, both are the most trusted secured payment gateways in the world. Both accept all major credit/debit cards for instant transactions (recommended). Sending an eCheck through those services may also be available, but not until the bank account is verified which often takes a couple of days and a trip to the bank or online access. Contact Us for accommodations or with any questions.

      10) How secure is paying online?

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      Paying online with an encrypted connection through a secured payment gateway is much more secure than paying by check or by phone, and considerably more secure than when you give your card to your waitress or swipe your card at the convenience store. When a connection is encrypted, it is scrambled during transmission and can only be unscrambled by the receiving party who has the 128 bit decryption code. Instead of providing us (the merchant) your financial information, the secured payment gateway (, Paypal) accepts, protects, verifies, and processes your info using fraud detection algorithms that are among the best in the industry. No humans will ever have access to your financial information and any future charges can only be initiated and authorized by you. Since many online stores (including eBay and Amazon) utilize these payment gateways, you may only need to enter your info when setting up the account, afterwards simply login to the account, confirm payment, and you’re done.

      11) Can I just pay the tutor directly?

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      We understand how tempting it is to try to save a few dollars and pay the tutor directly, but please don't! Doing so is a direct violation of the tutor's contract, the student's contract, unlawful, unethical, immoral, and disrespectful. We do not charge the customer or tutor a signup fee, referral fee, monthly dues, or receive any advertisement revenue from banner ads. Please respect our payment policies. We have worked very hard to have many quality tutors already available to you.

      12) How does this all work?

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      As soon as your student profile is completed and you have either registered a credit/debit card or purchased at least $50 worth of credits, you can select tutors from our directory which best match your tutoring needs. The tutors you select will review your profile and confirm or deny their ability to help. The first 2 tutors who confirm their availability are assigned, you are sent an email with a direct link to their profiles and their contact information is made available. You can decide which you prefer and schedule your first tutoring session when ready, or utilize both if needed. We can charge your card as you go, or you can keep a positive balance to earn a discounted rate.

      13) Why do I have to fill out a big profile? Can I just give you my name and number?

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      A student profile is needed to keep track of all information in one place including which tutors you have or had, payments made, sessions charged, etc. The signup process takes less than 3 minutes and only asks basic questions like name, numbers, address, subjects, schedule, and session preferences (the same info we would ask you anyways if taking your info over the phone).

      14) Can you just give me the tutor's number so I can call them now?

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      Protecting the Privacy of our students, customers, and tutors is very important to us and everyone involved, therefore we do not give out student or tutor contact info until both have reviewed and decided to work with the other. While this seems inefficient, it would be irresponsible and unsafe to give out someone's info to anyone who asked for it. Just like you wouldn't want us to provide your number and home address to our entire tutor list, nor should our tutors' sensitive information be exposed to everyone visiting the website or calling on the phone. To get in contact with a tutor, it only takes about 5 minutes to Sign Up and start requesting tutors. They get sent an email and text message so will often respond within minutes or hours. If you reach out to a few tutors and don't get a confirmation by the next day, please call or Contact Us so we can personally try to find you a match.

      15) Can you call them now to let them know I want to utilize them?

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      Generally we do not call the tutor unless a day has gone by without them responding to a request for services. Most tutors have other primary jobs which they cannot readily accept outside phone calls. Sending an email and text is more polite than calling them unexpectedly, especially if they are in a meeting, teaching class, tutoring a student or sitting down for dinner. You may be surprised how quickly you get a response anyways, and if not then give us a call so we can help make it happen.

      16) How long will it take for my first appointment?

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      Generally, you can expect your first appointment within two to four days of your request. Many steps are involved and our tutors' schedules fill up fast.

      17) Can I make an appointment for the same day?

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      We understand that students can "back themselves into a corner." You will want to complete the student profile, then call us to place your request so we can help select the tutors who typically respond the quickest.

      18) Do your tutors work on the weekends?

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      Most of our tutors are available on the weekends. In fact, many of our customers prefer tutoring on the weekends because of their very busy schedule.

      19) What are your tutors' credentials?

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      Each tutor has a profile on our site which includes their educational background. When you are ready to choose the tutor that is right for you, you will find that we have tutors with degrees in a variety of fields, some with Master's degrees or higher, and we have a high number of Certified Teachers on staff as well. Depending on the level of tutor you choose, many also have years of experience as private tutors. Of course, the best qualification they have is the satisfaction of current and past students. We thrive on referral business and you can view testimonials from many of our students.

      20) Are your tutors trustworthy?

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      This company maintains good business ethics and only involves itself with others that share the same professional dedication, whether it be our employees, our tutors, or our affiliates and partners. In addition to constantly reviewing our tutor profiles and feedback from their students, many tutors have already been background checked to ensure safety (viewable on their profile).

      21) What if I'm not satisfied with my tutor?

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      Sometimes things just don't work out so our website allows you to connect with or discontinue your confirmed tutors without any transfer or processing fees. If you have a prepaid balance, it can work with any tutor within our entire network, even if you have two at the same time. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like our help.

      22) Do you offer refunds?

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      Yes. Check our Refund Policy for details or to initiate the refund process.

    FAQs for Parents:

      23) Can you help motivate my child to like school?

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      We can help your child to succeed in school by giving them the tools they need for the job. In our experience, the more a student understands a subject, the more they will enjoy it. We can also help you come up with strategies for helping your student when we aren't there. By working together - parents, tutor, and student - we can find ways to make school more enjoyable.

      24) My child just told me he/she is failing a couple classes, can you help?

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      Of course, that is what we are here for. The progress of each child is different and heavily relates to whether their poor grades are due to a lack in motivation or fundamental knowledge. Our tutors will be able to determine the underlying problem and tailor their service to meet your student's needs.

      25) Can you provide my teenager with someone who can be a good role model?

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      Our tutors are more than just walking textbooks; we choose people who can have a positive impact on any young adult's life.

      26) My teenager is very bright, but has no idea what career they want to pursue. Do you have a solution?

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      Everybody is different. We can try to match them with a tutor who has already been part of the professional workforce. Maybe with a little insight, they can exchange a few ideas to discover the niche your child has been looking for.

    FAQs for All Students:

      27) I don't get along with my teacher, what can I do?

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      Probably not much. You can ask the school counselor to be transferred into another class, but there is a pretty good chance you are stuck with each other until the end of the semester or school year. The best thing to do is identify why they are like this, put yourself in their shoes, and be the most accommodating to their needs. Fighting it usually makes things worse, leading to frustration and poor grades in the class. By hiring a tutor, we should be able to make the class less painful by helping the student to understand the material they are otherwise not getting from the teacher.

    FAQs for Elementary:

      28) My elementary student is below grade level, what should I do?

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      A tutor is an excellent resource for elementary school students. Our tutors can help bring a child up to speed in every subject as well as provide help in organizational and study skills. Working together with the parents and the student, tutors are exceptionaly well placed to help a student leave elementary school with all the tools they need to thrive at the next level. Search through our Elementary Education Tutors to get started.

    FAQs for High School:

      29) Do you tutor the required State Skills Tests, especially the Proficiency Exams needed to graduate?

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      Yes. Proficiency exams, along with other standardized tests, are a substantial portion of our business. Look for HSPE (High School Proficiency Exam) at our Testing & Exams page for a list of qualified available tutors in your area.

      30) Can you help me with my AP class?

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      We cover most Advanced Placement courses, especially the popular subjects like math, science, finance, history, English, etc. Start by Searching for Tutors in the correct category, then select your exact subject to see our tutors that can help.

      31) Is a GED the same as a High School Diploma?

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      Most colleges accept a GED as an equivalent, however many employers would rather see a diploma, as this shows harder work and a higher level of dedication. If you need study help for the GED, check our Testing & Exams page to see those tutors in your area.

    FAQs for College:

      32) I've got a huge test in two days, will tutoring benefit me?

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      That depends on your commitment, understanding level, and the availability of our tutor. A single session the day of the test isn't ideal, but could likely make the difference between a letter grade or two. If you are having a hard time with the subject material, we can do our best to help you get some key concepts down. If you really want results, we can work with you as many hours as you need, though usually the human brain can only absorb so much in one sitting. Search for Local Tutors Now to see your options and get started.

      33) I've always been really bad at math, can you help me pass my required College Algebra class?

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      Algebra is what we do best! College level algebra is not an easy subject for most students but with our help and your hard work, we can help you make the grade. Due to the difficulty of this subject, most of our students find that pairing a tutoring session with each class session is the most effective way to excel. Our tutors can arrange a schedule with you that will help you stay current with your class. Visit our Math Tutors page to see our available math/science tutors.

    FAQs for Examinees:

      34) Do you guarantee a better grade on the SAT or other standardized tests?

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      Nobody can truly guarantee results. Tutoring is only one part of the equation when it comes to improving performance on standardized tests. If you are motivated and willing to put in the time and effort, our tutors will tailor a program to your specific needs. You will want to have one of those 200+ page study books for your specific test, available at or a local bookstore, then utilize one of our Tutors for Standardized Test that specialize in your test or one similar. Together with the study book and our tutoring lessons, you will be on the road to significantly improving your score.

      35) Can you help me to get a better grade on the SAT or another standardized test?

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      Absolutely! Many of our tutors specialize in Standardized Tests, especially the GED, ACT, SAT, and Proficiency Exams. We even have specific tutors for the different verbal, writing, math or science sections on the test. To request one of our Tutors for Standardized Tests that specialize in your test, start by Creating an Account.

      36) When I meet with my tutor, can we also go over test taking skills?

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      Please do. One of the most important things any student can work on is how to take a test. When searching for tutors, select Extra Skills in the Subject Category section to see Test Taking, Study Skills, Note Taking, etc.

      37) How can I best prepare for a standardized test?

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      Give yourself many months to study for it; buy a test prep book from a book store; understand the test structure; take a few practice exams; then call us so our tutors can help "iron out the kinks."

    FAQs for Foreign Language:

      38) Are your foreign language tutors from those respective countries?

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      Some are, but most are not. We find that the best language tutors are those that studied the language in school and had to undergo the same hurdles that a new student faces.

      39) Is it hard to understand your foreign language tutors because of their native dialect?

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      Usually not. Most often, our tutors' native language is English even if they are fluent in another language. Sometimes foreign language tutors have a little bit of an accent, but if it is too rough, as soon as a customer lets us know, we will investigate and remove them from our list if necessary, or place a note on their profile that says they have a strong accent.

      40) Do you tutor ESL (English as a Second Language)?

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      Yes, we have several tutors that specialize in ESL. We can also help you prepare for the TOEFL exam. Please select ESL from our Language Category when searching for tutors or adding subjects to your profile.

    FAQs for Music Students:

      41) Do you supply the musical instrument?

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      No, but there are a couple of music stores we prefer which have inexpensive instrument rentals; that way you can practice throughout the week.

      42) Is a music instructor better than a music tutor?

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      The difference seems to be only by name, except that our tutors guarantee at home, one-on-one tutoring and attention, instead of making you go to the music store for your lesson.

    FAQs for Sports/Hobbies:

      43) What kind of staff do you have to offer tutoring in sports?

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      We have school coaches, experienced athletes, and personal trainers.

      44) Where does sport tutoring occur?

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      Just like our other tutoring services, it can occur where ever works best. With sports, parks and the gym are usually the best.